Rejuvenate offer a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) to all our clients from large e-commerce platforms to small brochure sites.  Our CMS is custom and fully developed by Rejuvenate.  We began developing this back in 2004 and have been improving it each year since

This enables the Rejuvenate team to have a full understanding about how the website ‘ticks’ and delivers minimal restrictions when developing any website in-house.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are real web developers not ‘template developers’, therefore, we can always build bespoke to our clients specification.  We can also have confidence in our security, performance and speed of the websites we build.  The CMS is easy to use, either at a basic level or more in depth with some of the advanced functionality

Since your site will be largely set in terms of structure, we suspect the administrators will simply need to edit the content to their needs.  However, the CMS also allows for creation of pages, management of content layout and organisation on the menu(s), if required.

In addition, it offers user level privileges, restricting access for administrators to only edit certain sites/trails but also have a ‘super-user’ level to manage all sites and administrators.

Please see below for an outline of the key features the CMS offers.  We would love the opportunity to show you a demo of the system as all users are delighted with the results that the system can produce.

Key Features of the CMS

Manage Pages

  • Add Pages.

  • Edit Pages.

  • Duplicate Pages.

  • Bike to work scheme.

  • Page Information.

  • Page Name.

  • Parent Page

  • Set Page as Live.

  • Preview Page

Page Settings

  • Change URL (redirects handled by system).

  • Template.

  • Menu Text.

  • Bike to work scheme.

  • Hide from Sitemap.

  • Require HTTPS Connection.


  • Page Title.

  • Meta Description.

  • Meta Keywords.

  • Hide from Search Engines.

  • Edit Open Graph Information.

Content Blocks

  • Manage content blocks to appear on page.

  • Position on Page.

  • Hierarchy of content on page.

  • Postition in Template.

  • Layout - Desktop/ Mobile/ Tablet.

Manage Menus

  • Add/edit /delete menu items.

  • Re-order.

  • Desktop, footer and mobile menu.

Image Manager

  • Upload single/multiple images.

  • Organise into Folders.

  • Add/link images to pages.

File Manager

  • Upload single/multiple files in a variety of formats e.g. pdf, word, excel.

  • Organise into Folders.

  • Add/link files to pages.

Users & Permissions

  • Admin User Groups

  • Admin Permissions.
  • Admin Users.
  • Assign User group level.
  • Assign pages/modules to manage.